Let Your Heart Be Light



“Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Let your heart be light…”


That’s the real struggle most days, isn’t it?

Because the Christmas season is arguably the most cheerful time of the year, it’s often the one time of year when we truly let our hearts be light.

Of course, Christmas can be a heavy season for some with painful memories, but for many of us, I think it’s the one time of year when we choose joy. Joy to watching our children, friends and family finally open the gifts we carefully selected weeks ago. Joy to being with all the ones we love under the same roof. Joy to taking a break from our hectic schedules to remember what’s important in life. Joy to taking the time to slow down and see the lights.

But it’s after we’ve rang in the New Year and put away all the decorations, treats and gifts when we start to pull back. We’re pulled back into the grind of life, and with it so are our hearts. We pick up the same old things we carried throughout the previous year—the things we promised ourselves at the stroke of midnight that we’d leave behind, improve or change this year. The resolutions start looking dim and the goals start looking unrealistic.

I always thought the New Year hype didn’t affect me like it does others, but now I’m thinking I may have been wrong about that. I’ve found myself thinking, (on multiple occasions) that “Maybe this is the year that I’m actually going to ____” or, “Maybe this is the year that _____ will happen.”

I struggle with disappointment and the fear of failure probably more than the average person. I think some of that comes from putting unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations on myself. It’s a fight to keep my heart light.

Because of this struggle, I’ve learned that there are times when the weight of what we want crushes our hope for what we want. Consequently, there are times when we need to loosen our grip on our desires. Let up on the pressure that tells us it has to happen now. Let go of the idea of the way we think it should happen. Let our hearts be light—no matter what happens or doesn’t happen.

Because life is a process, we should treat it as such. There will be times when our hearts are heavy with sorrow, grief, anger and pain; but there should be just as many times when they’re light with joy, hope, peace and faith. In between, I don’t think our goals, ambitions, plans and desires should weigh on our hearts to the point of despair.

Our goals, ambitions, plans and desires should be met with a light heart that appreciates the process. They deserve that—and so do our hearts.



About April Dray

Written word is my zeal. I love my cat and she tolerates me.
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2 Responses to Let Your Heart Be Light

  1. Jon West says:

    Very well said my dear. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Shirley says:

    I love the way you write. Thank you for reminding us to check ourselves and remember joy!

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